India project of vegetarian protein plant-based meat VFFS bagger packing machine,case cartoning machine and small sachet filling machine

Designed for famous India plant-based vegetarian meat product company GOODDOT. We offered

1. VFFS vertical high speed multi head weighing packing bagging machine

Suit for dehydrated soya, pea protein, gram flour, quinoa, flax seed and wheat. Vertical back sealing pouch max film width 540mm, stable speed for 500g PROTEIZ 70bags/min

2. High speed carton case cartoning machine

Support max cardboard carton width 190mm, Nordson hot melt glue sealing way, stable speed 50carton/min. Suit for vegan ACHARI TIKKA and VEGETARIAN BYTZ

3. 3 side sealing small sachet liquid vertical filling packing machinery

Support max film width 320mm for 3/4 side sealing sachet stick bag, piston pump suit for curry paste,sesame paste, chilli sauce and all kinds of free flowing liquid